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Terry“My life before Christ, I walked in total darkness. I dealt drugs. I fought. I beat people up. It came to the point in my life that I was done. I came upon Shine and I stopped and listened. I knew the Lord was talking to me and he was using this station to do it. I have a love for the Lord now. The Lord used Shine.FM to make a difference in my life.”

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Stephanie“I started listening to your station and yesterday I was in my car and I heard ‘What Faith Can Do’. It hit my heart and I burst into tears. I pulled my car over and got out of my car at a gas station. I got on my knees and thanked God for coming in to my life.”

Debbie“Our family is still in shock over my sister’s passing last evening at the young age of 55. She loved listening to your station and hearing your music and stories lifted her up each day. May your ministry continue to thrive and flourish as you continue to share God’s word with the world.”