The Western Union telegram was dating August 30th, 1966, addressed to Professor Ray Moore at Olivet Nazarene College from Ben Waple, Secretary of the Federal Communications Commission. The telegram was granting permission for a construction permit for a new class D noncommercial education FM broadcast station. That station would launch early January 1967 as WKOC at 88.3FM.

Fifty years later, Olivet’s reach through Shine.FM extends from Ottawa, IL to Plymouth, IN, across Indianapolis and now Lansing, MI. Fifty years of God giving us the privilege to speak the love of Jesus into people’s lives. Fifty years of developing broadcast leaders that cross our nation and around the world in radio, broadcast news and media missions.

The primary reason we celebrate 50 years is the lives that God has changed through Shine.FM, like a recent single mom from Indianapolis who contacted us. Jamie had lost her job at the beginning of August. She wondered what she was going to do and how she would be able to give her children what they need. She says, “I listen to Shine in my car and I’d be singing at the top of my lungs. I am going to sing and praise my Lord and I don’t care who is looking at me.” Her youngest daughter was recently diagnosed with significant hearing loss and as they drove home from the hospital, Jamie was listening to Shine and heard Casting Crowns’, Just Be Held. “I knew that everything would be OK,” she says. “You guys have helped me through, when I sitting there driving and staring at the sky telling God that I need Him. I need to see Him work. Shine helps with that flow to find order, keeping people in worship every day.”

We need your help! As Shine.FM celebrates 50 years, would you consider becoming a member of TEAM50 with Shine.FM? Your gift of $50 a month will allow God to continue to change lives and developing leaders into our next 50 years. As a community-supported ministry, we wouldn’t be here without your prayers and financial support.

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Impacting Lives for 50 Years

Listener Connections


“The nine months from the time my mom was diagnosed until she passed was the hardest. It was hard to lift my hands and praise Him knowing His ways are higher than mine. I had two little boys watching and praying for a miracle, believing God and when we didn’t get our miracle, she still received life that we could not give. Hearing Casting Crowns, ‘Praise You In The Storm’ on Shine.FM was such a comfort. Now I can say I praise Him and life my hands to God who gives and takes away the way He sees best. Thank you for helping me keep my eyes on Him”


“Sometimes I feel like I am constantly having to restart. I am constantly on the move and I don’t always look to God when I need Him. I hear ‘Breathe’ from Johnny Diaz and it reminds me that I need to be still and trust God has my future in His hands, even when I doubt this. I need to be in His presence, to let go and let God. Thank you, Shine.FM for playing songs that speak to me.”


“I had been so beat up by the church. I decided that since I could never please God I would leave. It was hearing Danny Gokey’s ‘More Than You Think I Am’ on Shine.FM that reminded me that I don’t have to earn God’s approval. He loves me in spite of my imperfections and flaws. You keep me grounded.”