Smartphones Interrupting Sleep


Keep that smartphone out of your kid’s bedroom!


Scientists have known for some time now that screens of all kinds—television, computer, tablet, smartphone—can impact the quality of our sleep. is reporting on a new study by Canadian scientists showing how screen time competes with sleep time, especially among teenagers.


The researchers found that losing even one hour of sleep because of screen time negatively impacts performance at school.


Jennifer Vriend was the lead author of the study.  She says, “One of the biggest culprits for inadequate and disturbed sleep is technology. Many teenagers sleep with their phones and they are awakened regularly by it ringing or vibrating throughout the night when they get a text, email, or Facebook message.”


Dr. Vriend adds that having a TV set or games console in a child’s bedroom is also a bad idea.  That’s because it sets up the brain to see the room as an entertainment zone rather than a quiet, sleepy environment.


She says, “When a teenager is playing a violent video game regularly in his bedroom, his brain starts to associate it as a place where he should be on edge and ready for danger. The brain becomes wired to not want to sleep in that environment.”


And speaking of screens, YouTube has become the most popular Internet site for teens.  According to a recent poll, YouTube was tops, making the grade with fully half of teens. Facebook was second. Amazon, Google, and Twitter rounded out the Top Five.


The study confirms Facebook’s own research that suggests teens are becoming less enamored with the site.


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