Tweets, Freedom of Religion, and Creationism


Here are a few faith-related stories that might interest you.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is in hot water with atheists after tweeting a Bible verse.  Governor Walker recently tweeted Philippians 4:13, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


He said the verse was part of a devotional he had read that morning, and it inspired him so he wanted to share it.


The atheist group, Freedom from Religion Foundation, is demanding that Walker remove the post from Twitter and Facebook.  They say the governor is using his position to promote Christianity.


Governor Walker says has no plans of taking down the post.

In other news, the president of Ball State University is planning to meet with four Indiana legislators over a freedom of religion issue.  The lawmakers are questioning her decision to prohibit the teaching of intelligent design in a science course.


Ball State President, Jo Ann Gora, is inviting the lawmakers to the Muncie campus after they questioned whether the school had violated the religious and academic freedoms of the professor involved.


The lawmakers say they might seek legislative action over the treatment of the physics professor who was accused of teaching creationism.

Mission Aviation Fellowship has a new airplane that will help them spread the gospel to isolated people groups in Southeast Asia.  MAF’s newest aircraft, a Quest KODIAK, will be based in in Papua, Indonesia.


John Boyd of MAF says, “This remarkable airplane will be used to deliver food, medicine, building materials, and Bibles. It will transport medical teams, missionaries, and relief workers. It will carry children to school and the sick to the hospital.”


I’d encourage you to pray for the pilots and ground crews of MAF, as they share God’s love with those who don’t know Him.


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