Passing Your Faith On To Your Kids: Part 3

Would you like to be more intentional about passing your faith on to your kids?  This week I’m tackling that topic at the request of several of our listeners.


So here’s a question for you—are you teaching your children to share their faith?  Do you want your kids to live boldly for Christ in world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity?


If so, they will need to learn some basic principles of apologetics and an accurate Christian world view.  Here’s some good news: author and apologist Lee Strobel has written a series of books that will help you with this daunting task.


Check out these titles: The Case for Faith for Kids, The Case for a Creator for Kids, The Case for Christ for Kids and Off My Case for Kids: 12 Stories to Help You Defend Your Faith.  Read these books with your children, and you’ll find that YOU will be more confident in sharing your faith as well!


In addition to the ideas I’ve shared over the past two days, here’s a challenge for you.  Become a counter-cultural family.  What do I mean by that?


I firmly believe that the Body of Christ needs to become “counter-cultural” in the 21st century.  Our culture tells us the most important things in life are wealth, power, success, popularity and physical attractiveness.  Our kids hear this constant drumbeat from their peers, from the media–perhaps even from us without us even realizing it.


But Jesus calls us to a higher standard—one characterized by compassion, generosity, service and self-sacrifice.   Are we teaching those values to our children?


Encourage your kids to reach outside their circle of friends and “love the unlovely”—the kids at their school or in the neighborhood who may be unpopular, unattractive, lonely or disabled.  Isn’t that what Jesus would do?


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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