Clashing Creationism and Evolution


Bill Nye “The Science Guy” will visit Kentucky next month for a debate on science and creation with the man who founded the Creation Museum.  Museum founder Ken Ham says he will host Nye on February 4.


Nye has been critical of creationists for their opposition to evolution and for arguing that the Old Testament is a literal account of the Earth’s beginnings.


Last year in an online video Nye said teaching creationism was bad for children.


The video prompted a response video from the Creation Museum, and Ham later challenged him to a debate.


The event is likely to attract plenty of attention in scientific and faith circles, as Nye is a high-profile advocate of science education and Ham is a respected leader among Christians.


By the way, about one-third of Americans reject the theory of evolution.  In a new Pew poll, sixty-six percent of respondents said they believe humans and other living things evolved over time.


Thirty-three percent agreed with the statement “humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time.”
In other faith news, two Wisconsin churches responded to a billboard campaign by a national atheist group.


The Freedom from Religion Foundation paid for a billboard in Janesville, Wisconsin, the home of U.S. Congressman Representative Paul Ryan.  The billboard said: “Enjoy Life Now—There is No Afterlife”.


So Bethel Baptist Church and New Life Assembly of God bought their own billboard to respond.  It said, “Life is short. Eternity is not. Signed, God.”


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