Church Attendance and Crime


Here are a few faith related stories that I thought you might enjoy.  Wouldn’t you know it—a new study suggests that attending church cuts down on crime!

Researchers at Manchester University discovered that people who attend church on a regular basis are less likely to commit crimes.

The study found different degrees of correlation between increased church visits and decreased crime rates.  The most significant were seen in relation to shoplifting, the use of illegal drugs, and music piracy.

The scientists believe that besides teaching about moral norms, being involved in church also leads to spending time with like-minded people and decreases the chances of getting mixed up with the “wrong crowd.”

Here’s another interesting tidbit.  A new study is about to get underway, looking at how religion affects the brain.  Researchers at the University of Utah are gearing up to study the minds of Mormons who have finished serving on missions teams.

Young adult missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will undergo brain scans for the study.   At the same time, they’ll be asked to view faith-related images and recall spiritual experiences they may have had.

Researcher Jeff Anderson says only a handful of similar studies have been done before. He and his team are seeking fifteen to twenty young men and women in the twenties to serve as volunteers for the study.

Finally, the Academy Awards are almost three weeks away, but the winners have been announced at the 22nd annual Movieguide “Faith & Values Awards. “

Grace Unplugged won the $100,000 prize for most inspiring movie of 2013.  The prize for most inspiring television program was awarded to the ten-hour series The Bible.

Frozen was named the year’s best movie for families.  For mature audiences, the winner was Iron Man 3.

The awards program will be broadcast March 1st on the REELZ cable channel.


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