A veteran movie producer worries about the impact of violent movies on children.

Why do parents DO these things?


You may have heard me mention that there are now multiple research studies showing the negative impact that violent media can have on kids.  Well, it seems like some parents either aren’t aware of this—or simply don’t care.


And now a veteran movie producer wants to do something about it.


Stephen Simon is a producer whose film credits include What Dreams May Come and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


He says he recently went to a movie in Portland Oregon and was horrified when he noticed a mother had brought her young son to a showing of the R-rated film End of Watch.


Mr. Simon says “It was very violent and very profane from frame one. There were people getting beat up and shot.” “I thought this is child abuse.”


Simon was so upset by the woman’s choice that he confronted her and called Child Protective Services.


He says “The woman [at CPS] told me on the phone I was absolutely right and this was a dreadful thing to do.  But she said there was nothing they could do about it and suggested I talk to the theater manager.”


Simon told United Press International that he’s now calling theater owners to ask them to have their ticket sellers talk to parents about R-rated films’ content when they attempt to take young children in with them.


He says, “in the box office, they should ask if parents are aware the movie has very violent or profane content.”


Unfortunately there are many parents who simply won’t care.  If they want to see a violent, R-rated movie and don’t want to pay for babysitter, they’ll simply take their child with them.

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