Back to School Anxiety

Are your kids looking forward to the first day of school, or could they be feeling a bit anxious?

Along with going to bed earlier and doing homework, some children stress about a new school year because it means adjusting to change. Some kids love change, but for others it can create fear and worry.

“Will I like my new teacher?” “What if the work is too hard for me?” “What if I don’t make any friends?” Clinical psychologist and mom Juli Slattery says questions like these can keep can keep a 6-year-old — or a 16-year-old — up at night in the weeks leading up to the start of school.

Dr. Slattery says we can help our kids with “new school year anxiety” by validating their feelings. Encourage them to express their feelings about the school year starting.

You might ask them what they’re most excited and most nervous about. Then, explain that its normal to feel jitters before school starts.

Juli says we can also help to reduce the number of “unknown” factors leading up to the school year. Find out what you can about a new teacher, a new school and what friends will be attending school with your child.

If your school offers an open house to meet teachers and organize lockers, take advantage of it. If you have children just starting junior high or high school, walk through their schedule for the day.

Finally, when school starts, provide your child with displays of your confidence and affection. You might give a kindergartner a teddy bear to carry in his backpack as a reminder that “Mom and Dad are praying for you.” For older kids, leave notes of encouragement hidden in their notebooks or lunch sacks.

You can find more back to school tips by going to and entering “back to school” in the search engine.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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New Community Church – Dolton & Park Forest, IL


Our byline is “Racially Diverse, Rationally Unified, and Regionally Impacting.” This is definitely what we are most known for in our community. We have an active youth in children’s ministry. That we are very proud of. We also have a group called the Prayer walkers, twice or three times a week we send out two groups of people. They walk through the neighborhoods and up and down the streets. We are able to pray for anyone we see or anything that we feel needs to be prayed for at that moment.

Resurrection Lutheran Church – Channahon, IL

Resurrection Lutheran Church hosts a community garden on its property located on St. Paul Avenue within the Channahon Town Center.  The community garden creates a space to grow fresh produce, to bring neighbors together, and to grow fresh produce for local food pantries.  They also do a bunch of little things to bring the joy of Christ to the people of the community.

Christ Lutheran Church – Hammond, IN

Christ Lutheran Church is directly involved with Jefferson Elementary school. Each week during the school year the church visits the children and helps the with the kids comprehension skills.  Christ Lutheran Church and Jefferson Elementary School have a great partnership and the church really enjoys helping out.

Life Point Church – Hammond, IN

Life Point Church has a program called Adopt a Block, they provided food and have games for families.  They reserve a spot in a park and inform the families on the block a week in advance. Adopt a Block is a great ministry opportunity and out reach for the church to get to know the community. Life Point Church loves to participate in this because it is a great way to serve God.

Bethel Church

The Community Ministries of Bethel seek to empower and equip disciples of Jesus Christ to love their neighbors as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (Ephesians 5:1-2) so that we can reach the lost and teach the found. Bethel sponsors groups that volunteer with English as Second Language schooling, a deaf ministry, Harvest Market (Bethel’s own food pantry), and many other ministries that touch the community.

Valparaiso Nazarene Church

Valparaiso Nazarene Church encourages everyone to serve in two ways. The first way to serve is within the church. There are many was you can serve within the church, the second way they encourage you to serve is outside of the church. They host a database on their sight of on-going needs they help out with from leading teens in small groups at the community Youth Center, to helping out at the local Men’s Shelter.

Living Hope Church

Living Hope Church offers a unique ministry through Tae Kwon Do lessons to people in the community. Their mission is to equip each student with the skills needed to protect the mind, body and spirit from physical and spiritual attack, to instill the confidence that comes from self-discipline and self-control, And to inspire a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus.

Faith Church

Faith Church is a member of the Salt & Light Ministry. Salt & Light of Northwest Indiana is a collaboration of local churches, non-profit organizations and community members seeking the welfare of communities and the proclamation of the Gospel. Salt & Light provides proper training empowering leaders to go out and minister to the less fortunate of Northwest Indiana.

Family Harvest Church

In 1994, with focus on building strong families, Midwest Christian Center became Family Harvest Church. Growth continues to happen! Thousands of people, young and old, continue to regularly pass through the doors and encounter God in new and fresh ways. A thriving Bible college equips leaders daily, on the campus locally and online internationally. Opportunities grow yearly, with mission teams venturing to help the FHC churches and surrounding community. Ministry is happening in places from nursing homes to Inner City outreach.