Sponge Bob puts my little guy to sleep?

Hey it’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons, and last night I was holding my fussy 7-month old Caleb. Finally we settled down in front of the TV for a few minutes…and guess what show settled him down? SPONGE BOB!! Never in a million years would I think that Sponge Bob would have calmed my little guy. AND we watched a couple episodes together.

When you have your little one and are trying to calm them down, is there a show that helps? C’mon, I was honest….how about you?

George Jones

George Jones, one of the pioneers of country music passed away last Friday. If you know anything about his life, then you know his music through most of his career focused on wild living, broken relationships, alcoholism, drug abuse and more. In fact, country music could have said he was their “bad boy” poster child for many years too.

What you might not know is that later in life, after falling into a coma for a short time, George Jones gave his life to Jesus. Now he wasn’t perfect by a long shot, and still battled with some of his past behaviors, but wasn’t afraid to tell people about Jesus.

Maybe your story is a little like George Jones, and you’ve had some “bumps” along the way. My bible is FULL of stories of lives that God used even though they had weaknesses (think David, Paul, Peter….there’s more). How has God used you in you in spite of your “weakness?”


Are you a “Germaphobe?”

You might be a “Germaphobe” if _________________?

So are you?

~Garrett from Shine Afternoons

Are you waiting on God?

While you’re waiting…..


Walk It Out Wednesday: Handling fear with your family

Hey, it’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and guess what…it’s another “Walk-It-Out-Wednesday!” Today we are talking about how you handle fear in your life. Monday was another “rock our world” day and it reminded us that even here on U.S. soil, we are not immune from events like what happened at the end of the Boston Marathon. So when things get a bit scary in your life and a little fear creeps in, how do you “walk-it-out?” Let me know at 855-98-SHINE!

3 things to say to help your parenting

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and a new study on families says that if you use these statements while parenting your kids it will help improve your children’s behavior.

They are:
“Do you need a hug?”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“I’m SO happy to see you?”

What is something you say to your kiddos to help improve their behavior?

Help for Depression

Hey it’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and it’s a “Walk-It-Out-Wednesday.” Did you you know that there are many in Chicagoland who silently struggle with depression and/or mental illness?  If you have “walked through” either, would you share your story today at 855-98-SHINE? It could touch another Shine.FM listener who is ‘walking-it-out” just like you.

Hope for your Wednesday

Some hope for your Wednesday.


Larry the Cucumber

Larry the Cucumber is going to talking with Garrett on Shine Afternoons between 4-5pm today on the New Shine.FM.  Do you or your kiddos have any questions for Larry?

De-Clutter: 10 items a Day for a Month!

A woman in Boulder, CO has a great way to de-clutter her home, by getting rid of 10 items everyday. She calls it project 3650…..and the Positive Morning Crew like the idea, it’s just a little wild to think about doing it for a whole year. SO…..Garrett and Happy are going to try to get rid of 10 things every day for the next 30-days! Would you be willing to try with us and help de-clutter your house this Spring? Or have you got another way to de-clutter? Tell the Positive Morning Crew about it this morning at 877-859-9737 .