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Appreciation List

You know, there is a little tool that marriage and family therapists have in their tool bag that seems so simple, yet when we rely on it, we know it’s going to make a difference. It’s just the activity of making a list of the strengths and the things you love about your spouse. Yeah, […]

A Good Night’s Sleep

I can’t believe this. A study came out on sleep this week. It shows that sometimes people get, obviously, too little sleep, but sometimes they say we get too much sleep.   That sounds impossible. I can’t ever imagine that situation. In fact, I’d like to test that study out.   I don’t think that’s […]

Strength in Numbers

One of our neighbors still has his Christmas lights up long after the Christmas season. We drove by there the other day and I said, “Man, they must have a long to do list, not be able to get to that task yet, right?” We weren’t condemning, we were empathizing. Sometimes it takes me a […]

Woven Threads

I read this book that kind of struck me this week. It says, “Chains do not hold a marriage together. It’s threads. Hundreds of tiny threads that sow people together through the years.” Don’t you think there is a lot of truth in that?   I really like that, because what it does is give […]

A Fresh Perspective

Well, there are some artists that sell their work on the street, but we saw an artist that actually puts his art on the street, literally. Yeah, these chalk drawings he creates are mind boggling because they create on optical allusion that just tricks you. It’s from the perspective you’re looking at it because on […]

Celebrate The Milestones

Well, you had kind of an interesting speaking engagement this week, didn’t you? Yeah, I had the chance to talk about marriage and relationships at a retirement community. Yeah, not your typical audience for this content. No, everyone there was at least two decades into retirement and they had such a great sense of humor. […]

Train Your Brain

Well, I’m use to lecturing at the college level, but this week I got to talk to my son’s first grade class about the human brain. Yeah, that was quite the experience and you had a colorful model of the brain and you actually had a human brain. I know. It kind of freaked them […]

Thoughts Create Emotions

You know, I think it is pretty difficult to exaggerate the value or the importance of a thought, a single thought as it impacts your marriage. What you think creates the emotions you feel, especially toward your spouse or about your marriage. Yeah, somewhere along the line somebody said something in a classroom or some […]

Law vs. Love

Well, we are on a lot of airplanes because of the work we do. Yeah, this time we encountered an unusual thing – the rule keeping flight attendant. Boy, I have seen a more legalistic person in my life. Apparently, you can’t hold a magazine in your lap for takeoff. It was unbelievable and it […]