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Shine.FM Music Team Top 20 April 2017

1 Jonny Diaz Joy 2 David Dunn I Wanna Go Back 3 Jordan Feliz Beloved 4 Casting Crowns Oh My Soul 5 MercyMe Even If 6 Hillsong Worship What A Beautiful Name 7 Colton Dixon All That Matters 8 Unspoken The Cure 9 Jasmine Murray Fearless 10 Chris Tomlin Home 11 Phil Wickum My All […]

A Nap Sounds Like a Good Idea

Have you taken a NAP lately?  Your schedule might be so jam-packed that you think “there’s no way I have time for a nap!” but you may want to reconsider. Prevention Magazine’s Jacqueline Parisi has looked at the research on afternoon naps and she says a nap may benefit your productivity levels by increasing alertness, […]

Why You Need to Talk to Your Kids About “Sexting”

Have you talked to your kids about “sexting?”  If not, perhaps it’s time to have that conversation. Researchers from Drexel University surveyed college students about whether they had sent sexual text message during high school and they were startled by what they learned. 54% admitted to sending or receiving “sexually explicit text messages or images” […]

The Poop on Potty Training

Dear Dr. Bill,   I need some information on how to get our son potty-trained.  We’ve been trying since he turned two-years-old.  He seems afraid of sitting the regular toilet even though we try using a training seat for him.  He is just a bit over 2|1/2.  What should we do?   –George   Dear […]

Sleep Drunkenness

Could you be suffering from “sleep drunkenness?” Researchers at Stanford University believe that as many as 1 in 7 adults suffer from a sleep condition known as confusional arousal or more commonly as “sleep drunkenness.” According to science.blog,com, as many as 36 million Americans experience this potentially problematic sleep condition, in which they are awakened […]

E-Cigs and Your Kids

There is more troubling news about “e-cigs.” The American Heart Association says e-cigarettes should be subject to the same laws that apply to tobacco products, and that the federal government should ban the marketing and sale of e-cigs to young people, According to a story from Health Day News, a new American Heart Association policy […]