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An Accident is a Blessing

“I found Shine by accident. I was searching for a Christian radio station one day after my husband and I decided that the secular stuff was really not glorifying God. The song ‘You Said’ by Hillsong came on. Then that next day at church, our praise band played it.”

Uniting To Make A Difference

Christians are making a difference all across the country, and I thought you’d like to know about it. A group of evangelical churches in New York’s Staten Island has formed a storm relief network that is working in conjunction with Christian relief groups and government agencies. Church of the Gateway Pastor Tim Mercaldo says his […]

We Reel You Back In

“I support the message of positive music you send out. I like the music choices and the style of music, but of course the lyrics are always aligning my thoughts to be Christ orientated. With all of life’s distractions, Shine reels me back in.”

Are Things Too Clean?

Are parents keeping things too clean for their kids’ good? Numerous research studies on children’s health seem to suggest that we’ve gone overboard when it comes to protecting our kids from germs. In a recent WebMD article, Lisa Zamosky reports that allowing infants to be exposed to normal, everyday germs may offer them greater protection […]

Same-Page Parenting

Dear Dr. Bill, My husband and I have three teenagers and we don’t agree on our parenting values or rules. I often feel like I need to loosen up and my husband needs to tighten up. He’s never willing to say no, often making me the “bad guy” whenever the kids want something. He’d rather […]

“You’re a bright, shining light for Jesus,”

“Dear Shine.  Thank you for all you do by being a bright shining light for Jesus. I love, love, love the music you play.  I grew up not knowing Jesus and listening to bands like Skid Row, Motley Crue, and Ozzy.  I’ve known Jesus for many years now but still like to rock. Because of […]

Could Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches Be “A Time Bomb in a Bun?”

Yes, eating a fat-filled breakfast may have immediate negative effects on your arteries. That’s according to new research presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress meeting in Toronto. In a story in Healthline, Lisa Cool Collier reports that just one day of eating a fat-laden breakfast sandwich–such as egg, cheese and ham sandwich on a bun […]