Walking-It-Out If You Are Re-Married

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and it’s another “Walk-it-out-Wednesday.”  If you’ve listened to me on the New Shine.FM you’ve probably heard me mention that I’m a guy who is a statistic. Yeah, I’m one of the 40-plus percent of Christians who are divorced. I’m not proud of it and for a long time I didn’t think God would ever use me again.  WRONG-O!!  I do know that when I prayed about getting re-married, I asked God to help me not make some of the same mistakes I did the first time.  What about you?  If you are re-married, how are you “walking-it-out-differently” this time?  And if you are not remarried, but still in your first marriage…Keep God first—and we’re praying for you here at the New Shine.FM!

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  1. David Cook
    David Cook says:


    I was married happily for 30 years and then my wife died. She lived with depression for the last 2 years of her life after her dad died, making our marriage less fulfilling, but no less committed. God used the two years after her death to change me, make me more sensitive and compassionate, more patient, etc. (not that God hadn’t given me a substantial measure of those before that, but much more so now). God changed me more in those two years than any similar period in my walk with Christ. At 59 years old God blessed me with a wonderful lady (also 59) to be married to, who had never been married before. Our marriage is God’s gift to both of us and we constantly are in awe of God’s goodness. Yes, there are things that I do differently and I think somewhat differently in my second marriage, as God has given me greater wisdom with greater age and a better understanding of relationships. Much prayer on both of our parts led us to a confident re-assurance that our getting married was God’s will and provision for our lives. It has not been easy at all for my daughter, who does not accept my wife. My first wife died just two weeks before my daughter’s first child was born; traumatic and heartbreaking for all of us. So, my greatest challenge now is not my job or my marriage, but my relationship with my daughter. A number of ladies have told me that they experienced the same feelings as my daughter when their dad re-married, so it’s likely to take a long time for my daughter to respond more positively to my choice. But this in no way reduces the joy of marriage to my smart and lovely wife, who I will grow old with, and share our walk with Christ with for many more grateful years.


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