April 2015 Top 20

  1. MercyMe – Greater
  2. Matt Maher – Because He Lives
  3. Big Daddy Weave – Overwhelmed
  4. for King & Country – Shoulders
  5. Needtobreathe – Brother
  6. Third Day – Soul On Fire
  7. Chris Tomlin – Jesus Loves Me
  8. Brandon Heath – No Turning Back
  9. Danny Gokey – More Than You Think I Am
  10. tobyMac – Beyond Me
  11. Hawk Nelson – Drops In The Ocean
  12. Unspoken – Good Fight
  13. Matthew West – Day One
  14. Phil Wickham – Glory
  15. Owl City with Britt Nicole – You’re Not Alone
  16. About A Mile – Who You Say I Am
  17. Chris August – The Maker
  18. Francesca Battistelli – Holy Spirit
  19. Sanctus Real – On Fire
  20. Colton Dixon – Through It All

May Difference Maker: Hope For The Day

Hope For The Day is a nonprofit movement committed to utilizing music and the arts as a defense mechanism to suicide. Their alternative approach strives to offer education, prevention and hope through creative expression.

Hope For The Day’s vision is to bring communities together in order to shed light on the unfortunate topics of depression and suicide. They wish to share the deeply personal connection creativity can have in fostering an environment of positive change to the suffering.

Hope For The Day views art and music as a highway to the heart; two things that have allowed humanity to express our emotions for milennia. They wish to reduce suicide rates while inspiring and empowering those who need help, to get help.

Most importantly, Hope For The Day has the vision to use creative expression as a medium to educate communities while simultaneously striving to prevent suicide.

To learn more, go to hftd.org

-information from hftd.org