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Let’s Smack Talk!

Let’s “smack” “talk”!!

A quick note about your favorite football-sport team: It’s TERRIBLE!!!

Your team is so bad that when I think about that team, I laugh about it, because the way it runs its plays is all backward. Furthermore, half of your guys are, in my opinion, ill-suited for the sport that they’re playing, which is football, and another sport might be a better choice for them so they should pursue those sports, and not this one, which is football.

Shining Acts of Christmas Kindness (SACKed) Nov. 21st

We Have the Best Listeners

Thanks to a wonderful listener for sending us this Brant and Sherri Hedgehog Broadcast Action Pack. It seems to have racial undertones, and we like that, too!! This is my favorite Hedgehog Broadcast Action Pack with Racial Undertones that we have received to date!!

New Podcast!

“Am I supposed to believe that the writers of the Bible pioneered a whole new literary genre, realistic fiction, 1,500 years before anybody picked up on it…?”

We talk about that, and tons more, on our latest podcast. We do one every day! This one includes an interview with our beloved friend, Naghmeh Abedini, about her husband, Saeed.

Listen here.

Brant and Sherri’s Deal Breaker Question

Deal Breaker Question for the ladies: Let’s say you’re single and a FANTASTIC guy wants to marry you. He’s incredibly attractive. Smart, handsome, a provider and protector. Spiritually mature kinda guy. Loves kids and “gets” you. ONE little quirk: He wears big floppy clown shoes. Yes, they squeak when he walks. He will them for the rest of his life. That’s just how he rolls. That’s his only quirk. Otherwise, he’s AWESOME. Do you marry him?