Good News: 6-Year-Old Boy Hugs His Mom for the First Time

With the help of scientists at the University of Central Florida, one little boy got to do something he’d never before: give his mother a hug with two hands. 6 year old Alex Pring was born without an arm. As he has grown and become more active, he has an increased need for a prosthetic. Financially though, this $40,000 wasn’t a possibility for the Pring family due to no support from insurance. Looking for solutions, Alex’s mother Alyson got in touch with E-nable, a technological collective that produces robotic hands and arms for children. After hearing her story, Albert Manero, a grad student at the University of Central Florida, had an idea: produce a robotic arm for the boy using a 3-D printer. With the help of his team at UCF, Manero had a working prototype of the new plastic limb in a few weeks. It runs on household batteries, and opens and closes through a connection to the muscles in Alex’s arm. After a few fittings, Alex Pring officially had a new right arm – all for a grand total of $350. Click here to see mom and son finally getting to fully embrace!

Good News: Former WWE Champ Daniel Bryan Catches Suspected Burglar

A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said. He and his wife returned home and noticed a door to their home begin to open. While Brianna, his wife, ran in to check on their dog, Daniel chased the intruders and subdued one of the men until police could arrive on the scene. Cesar Sosa, 22, was arrested and is facing a burglary charge. Danielson said he was happy his neighbors called 911 to report suspicious activity about 10 minutes before the couple arrived. Click here for more on this story!


Good News: Mom’s Heroic Final Moments Remembered

A single-mom from Chicago is being remembered as a hero after drowning while saving the life of a relative’s 9-year-old boy. As her friends tell it, Karen Wessel was an exceptional woman in many ways. Wessel, her son, her sister, a friend, and two other children had traveled to a family vacation spot in Star Lake, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. The three kids were playing on a sandbar in the lake, but got too far out in the water, so Potocki and Wessel went into the water to rescue them. Wessel and Potocki managed to get two of the kids to safety, but the third – a 9-year-old boy – did not know how to swim, and was panicking as Potocki tried to get him out of the water. He struggled with her, and she became disoriented and nearly drowned herself before Wessel came to help her. As he struggled to use her own weight to hold him above the water, he continued to struggle. Although nearby boaters showed up to pull the boy out, Wessel went under. Efforts to revive Wessel did not succeed, she said, and she was pronounced dead an hour later after her organs failed. The boy who nearly drowned was doing well on Friday. Potocki said anyone who didn’t meet her sister “missed out on one of the kindest and most thoughtful people they will ever have the chance to know.” Click here to read more about this true hero!

Frequent Arguing Could Be Killing You

Do you get into frequent arguments with your spouse, your friends, or your neighbors? You might be slowly killing yourself.

The LA Times is reporting on new study that found that middle-aged adults who frequently fought with their husband or wife were more than twice as likely to die at a relatively young age.

Frequent fights with friends were even more hazardous – people who did this were 2.6 times more likely to die prematurely than people who got along with their pals.

Worst of all were persistent fights with neighbors. The researchers found that people who did THAT were more than three times more likely to die prematurely.

Even when there was no yelling or screaming, simply worrying about friends or loved ones or getting angry over their demands could be enough to shorten one’s life.

People who “always” or “often” fretted about their spouse were almost twice as likely to die during the course of the study compared to those who seldom fretted.

And moms and dads, listen up…those who expended lots of negative mental energy on their children were 55% more likely to die prematurely compared to those who didn’t worry about their kids very often.

All of these associations between stressful social relations and the risk of early death were stronger for men than for women,

Over the 11 years of the research, 4% of the women and 6% of the men in the study died–most often of cancer, but also due to cardiovascular disease, alcohol abuse and accidents.

If any of those descriptions sound familiar to you, perhaps it’s time to see a Christian counselor. And ask God to help you make positive changes in the way you relate to those around you.

By the way, a great book on this topic is “Make Anger Your Ally” by Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Good News: Card and Love Still Pouring In For Little Boy Battling Cancer

Over 15,000 cards have been mailed to Danny Nickerson, the 6-year-old battling cancer. The Massachusetts boy was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in October. All this little boy wanted for his upcoming birthday were lots of cards with his name on them. His wish has been heard and granted. The family reported that they have thus far received  little over 8500 cards and 900 packages from all over the world. This little boy is overjoyed with all this mail that is arriving just for him! Click here to learn more and see how you can send a card to little Danny!

Good News: Bride’s Accidental Text Yields Surprise Wedding Guests

One bride found out the hard – yet funny – way that you should always double check the number before hitting send. Detroit couple Kristen and Rob texted out invites to their June wedding and post-ceremony BBQ, accidentally sending one to a stranger. The stranger tells them that they have the wrong number, but will be in attendance anyway! When the bride-to-be tries to backtrack, the uninvited guest replies, “We still coming.” The photo accompanying the story shows that this guy wasn’t lying – the newlyweds were joined by a throng of new friends during their wedding photos. Click here to see the photos!

Good News: Man Earns Up To $1,000 By Standing In Line

Robert Samuel, New York-based founder of Same Ole Line Dudes (SOLD Inc.), will wait for you. Samuel is a  “professional line sitter.” He waits for anything, from sample sales to Saturday Night Live tickets. Samuel charges $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half hour. In one week, he can make up to  $1,000. Samuel got into this business two years ago, when he lost his job as an AT&T sales representative and needed a new way to make extra cash. When the iPhone 5 came out, he put an advertisement on Craigslist offering to wait in line for it for $100.  After realizing this was a profitable market, Robert began promoting his business and has grown ever since his first experience. Click here to read more about this creative entrepreneur!

Kids and Listening

Dear Dr. Bill,

My son is having trouble listening to instructions and following directions. He gets very focused on the TV, a book or videogame. It seems like I have to repeat myself over and over again. How can I teach him to listen to me?


Dear Shawna,


The best way to get your son to listen is to change the way you communicate with him.


First of all, you need to make sure you have his full attention when you’re speaking to him. Never, ever ask your child to do something or give them instructions when they are watching TV, playing a video game, or engaged in some other kind of activity. Turn off the TV, tell your child to look into your eyes, and then give them a clear, unambiguous command.


Secondly, make sure your command is backed up by a time deadline and a consequence. For example, instead of simply saying: “Johnny, I want you to turn off that TV and clean up your room,” do this:


Turn off the TV, get your son’s full attention, and then say: “Johnny, it’s 5 o’clock—I want you to put away all of your toys by 5:30. I’m going to set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes and when it rings I’ll be inspecting your work. If you do a good job, I’ll allow you to have 30 minutes of video game time after dinner tonight. If you haven’t completed your work by 5:30, you won’t be able to play video games at all this evening.”


Then make sure you follow through. If you don’t, you’ve just taught your son that you don’t mean what you say.


Dr. Russell Barkley, one of the nation’s leading experts in parent training, coined a phrase that every parent should remember: “Act, don’t yak.”


Thanks for writing, Shawna.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Good News: Homeless Man Who Sold Sketches Of Dog Now Featured In Art Show

John Dolan, a 43-year-old artist living in England, struggled with poverty, drug addiction and homelessness for much of his life. One day, a fellow homeless woman gave Dolan a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy. The dog’s name was George, and he would come to transform his new owner’s life. For three years Dolan sold sketches of George and the surrounding buildings to passersbys for a few dollars, until he was approached by a gallery director named Richard Howard-Griffin. Howard-Griffin discovered him and helped him put on his first art show last year and it was a huge success. Click here to see some of Dolan’s many sketches!

Good News: Junkyard Dog Walks Miles Every Day To Feed Her Friends

Lilica is a sweet dog who was abandoned at a junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil. Though she was surrounded by poverty and desolation, she found companionship there. Cats, chickens, other dogs and even humans soon became her friends. When Lilica gave birth to a litter of puppies, she started wandering far and wide in search of food for them. These were risky expeditions that involved traveling for miles and crossing roads and highways at night in the pitch darkness; but eventually her wandering led her to Lucia Helena de Souza’s backyard. De Souza immediately took to Lilica and started feeding her. Every day, Lilica trekked across town to visit de Souza, and she’d devour the food that that was put in plastic bags for her. Before long, de Souza noticed that Lilica wasn’t finishing her food. Instead, the dog was walking off with the bags. Lilica’s behavior baffled de Souza, who eventually decided to follow the pooch — all the way to the junkyard. Incredibly, it turned out that Lilica had been carrying the food back with her so she could share it with the other junkyard animals. She’d been saving meals that she could’ve eaten herself so her friends wouldn’t go hungry. Click here to see this sweet dog caring for her babies and junkyard friends!