Good News: Airman Surprises Daughter At Graduation


A high school senior who cried on her way to graduation because her father, a deployed member of the U.S. Air Force, would not be there, got the surprise of her life after receiving her diploma.  Taylor had no idea what to expect Sunday when the principal of Grand Forks Central High School called her back up to the stage at the end of graduation.  In the audience, her mother, Paige, says she was a little upset that the principal would call out her daughter, whom everyone knew was upset that her father was missing another one of her senior year moments since being deployed to Cuba in January.  Watching it all from the audience with the Crafton family was a cardboard cut-out of Taylor’s dad, Chief Master Sergeant Chris Crafton, which Taylor had named “Flat Daddy” and carried with her to prom and other senior year milestones.  At this milestone, however, “Flat Daddy” was put aside when Sgt. Crafton himself rushed onto the graduation stage to surprise his daughter.  Grab the tissues and watch this video here.


SACKed May 28, 2014

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This week’s SACKed idea is to thank someone you probably have never thanked before – your sanitation worker (or trash man)!  It’s a thankless job, but you’d notice if they quit working.  So, this week on trash day, decorate your trash bin with some streamers and a huge sign that says THANK YOU!  You can also leave a SACKed card, or perhaps include a gift card to your favorite coffee shop.

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Good News: Deaf Valedictorian Wows With Speech


Evan Mercer was born deaf, but it wasn’t discovered until he was four years old. Specialists told his parents he would never read, and speaking was out of the question. Evan defied the prediction in his valedictorian speech at Harrison High School May 22nd.  Maybe most amazing is that this isn’t a one-time viral video. Evan has been working in the community, defying expectations for years. He won a scholarship with 11Alive’s Kids Who Care program for his work building outdoor classrooms and working with young deaf children.  That giving back started a long time ago and stretched through graduation night when he gave everyone in that audience a little piece of awe.


Good News: Seniors Prank It Forward


Last year, seniors at Combs High School started a food fight as part of a school prank.  The prank ended with seniors involved in the prank being banned from graduation ceremonies.  It’s a much different story with seniors from the class of 2014 who have decided to “prank it forward”.  Seniors at Combs High School in the San Tan Valley are preparing to graduate Thursday, and they have pulled a senior prank that will not soon be forgotten.  This group of seniors organized a plan called “prank it forward” to raise money for a server at a nearby Olive Garden who needed help with medical bills.  As they paid for lunch they left him a cash tip of $510; it was money raised from students over the past week and a half, and it was caught on camera.  Watch this amazing video here.  Way to go seniors!


Good News: Grandma Showers Are A Thing!


Just as Debbie was about to become a grandmother for the first time, one of her friends approached her with a party idea she’d never heard of before.  How would she like to be the guest of honor at a grandmother baby shower?  “I was just a little hesitant because I didn’t want to have such a fuss made,” Debbie said. “But it’s a fun stage of life and I think all stages of life you need to celebrate, especially when there’s a birth of a child.”  So Debbie and 10 other ladies gathered for lunch at a friend’s house, where they sipped drinks from baby bottles, admired “Grandma Debbie” and “Cutest grandma ever” signs made especially for the occasion, and presented her with gifts like baby clothes, books and stuffed animals.  Read more about this fun celebration here.


Johnny—Step Away from the Froot Loops!

Do your kids eat cereal for breakfast?  If so, how much SUGAR is in that bowl of cocoa puffs?


United Press International is reporting on a new study of 1,500 cereals sold in the US.  181 of those cereals are marketed to kids, and researchers found that if kids eat one bowl of cereal a day, they will end up eating more than 10 pounds of added sugar a year!

According the study, cereals marketed to children with cartoon characters on the box were among the most highly sweetened.  75% of those cereals averaged 2 teaspoons of sugar per serving.

In fact, a typical serving of cereal marketed to children can contain as much sugar as three Chips Ahoy! or two Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies.

On average, 34 percent of the calories in children’s cereals came from sugar.

Another new study is out on kids and smoking—in particular, kids who have PARENTS who smoke.


Researchers at the Georgetown Cancer Center found that the more a child is exposed to parental smoking, the more likely that child is to smoke themselves—in fact, they are more likely to become a heavy smoker.

The study found the more years a child was exposed to a parent’s smoking, the greater they would start smoking or experimenting with cigarettes as a teen

Lead researcher Darren Mays says “We believe social learning plays an important role in intergenerational smoking.”

Dr. Mays says the good news is that since parental modeling is so powerful, kids can also learn that it is possible — and wise — to quit.


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Good News: $4 Flea Market Find Turns Into Big Pay Day


A New Mexico man’s purchase of a $4 bottle at a flea market could turn into a $5,000 or more pay day thanks to the bottle’s ties with Coca-Cola’s past.  Jim said the aged bottle’s label featuring coca leaves and the words “wine coca” caught his attention while he was shopping at a local market last fall.  “It was embossed with the name Pemberton,” Jim said.  “I’m not a big Coca-Cola collector so it wasn’t until I got home that I Googled and saw that it was Dr. Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola.”  His flea market find was one of only three bottles known to be in existence dating back to the original roots of what the world now knows as Coca-Cola, or Coke, soft drinks.  What makes his purchase even more significant is that the bottle, which dates back to the 1880s, has 90 percent of the original label intact.  It’s expected to fetch a pretty penny at an upcoming auction.  Check it out here.


Good News: 99-Year-Old Receives College Diploma After 75 Years


A 99-year-old Maine woman has graduated from college 75 years after a $5 fee kept her from getting her diploma on time. Beal College in Bangor awarded Jessie White her degree during a special ceremony recently hosted by Alan Stehle, the college’s president. Jessie says the special ceremony was wonderful and a lot of fun. Jessie was supposed to graduate in 1939, but couldn’t afford the $5 transcript fee.  A friend who recently learned of her decades-old predicament called Alan, who paid her balance and set up the ceremony. Jessie, a Maine native, received her degree in stenography and bookkeeping.  Read her story of perseverance here.


Mom Won’t Let Me Grow Up

Dear Dr. Bill,


I’m in my mid-20’s and the youngest of three children.  My mom seems to refuse to recognize that I’m an adult now.  How I can transition from her child to her peer and friend?




Dear Kathy,


Your mom may have difficulty “letting go,” allowing you to fully separate from the parent-child relationship and move into full adulthood.


This may be even more of an issue if your parents don’t have a close marital relationship or have grown apart in recent years.


The empty nest years can seem threatening to a woman who feels distanced from her husband and has directed all of her emotional energy toward her kids.


If your mother refuses to let go, you will need to start establishing healthy boundaries.  This may require much more assertiveness on your part.


Let your mother that you love her, but as a woman in your mid-20’s, it is time for you to start establishing more emotional independence.


She may feel rejected and hurt by your desire to separate, but it is important for her to understand that this is a normal part of development.


You also need to do your part to make sure you are not “enabling” your mother to keep you in a child-like role.  If you count on your parents for financial support, make your car payment, or allow your mother to do your laundry every weekend, you are contributing to the problem.


An excellent book that will help you move forward is “Boundaries” by Dr.’s Henry Cloud and John Townsend.


Thanks for writing Kathy.


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Good News: U.S. Army Captain Surprises Daughter At Graduation


As if graduating from the prestigious engineering school at Columbia University isn’t enough cause for celebration, this grad now has even more to smile about.  Just as Ruby Robinson was walking across the stage on Monday after collecting her diploma, she was completely caught off guard by an unexpected yet familiar face.  Her father, U.S. Army Capt. Keith Robinson, had flown 14 hours from Afghanistan to Kuwait to the United States just in time to make it to the ceremony to surprise his daughter on her big day.  The reunion couldn’t have been more perfectly planned as Ruby now gets to have her father home for two weeks to help her celebrate all her hard-earned accomplishments.  Watch the moment here.