SACKed April 28, 2014

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In honor of May Day, this week’s Shining Act of Community Kindness is to surprise your neighbors with a small gift!  It can be a traditional May Day basket, handmade and filled with flowers or candy, or it can be a gift card to Target!  The possibilities are endless, especially if you include your kids in on the fun.  Don’t forget to attached a SACKed card to the basket, then share your story with us below or by calling 855-987-4463!

Disclaimer: Ding-dong-ditching (though May Day tradition) is optional.

Good News: Watch This Reaction To Baby News


It’s always heartwarming to watch people being surprised by baby news, but this video of an older man finding out he’s going to be a first-time grandpa is the sweetest one we’ve ever seen. “Told my dad he is going to be a grandpa,” writes Jessica, who shared this touching video on Reddit. “I am his only child and my mother passed away 20 years ago. He has been asking us for grandchildren since our wedding night.” In the video, the grandpa-to-be opens a decorative box to find a pacifier with a note attached, reading “Hatching November 17th, 2014.” It takes him a moment to process the information, but as soon as he does, his eyes well up and he grins ear to ear. We’ve never seen a man’s face so filled with joy.  This must-watch video is here.


Good News: Random Act Of Kindness Speaks Volumes


An act of kindness can happen anywhere — even on a city bus.  Off-duty bus driver Surjit was on the No. 341 route home in Vancouver, Canada last Saturday when he captured a beautiful moment between two strangers.  One of his fellow passengers was a man clearly in need. Instead of shoes, the man wore two plastic hairnets on his feet.  Another rider noticed the man’s makeshift footwear, and helped him in the most immediate way he could… by taking off his own shoes and handing them over to the man. At his stop, he walked off the bus barefoot.  See pictures and read the full story of this amazing interaction here.


Facebook Friends



Can spending time too much time with your friends be bad for your health? It may be, if they’re all online.


Facebook builds community, and connects us with family and friends, but too much time following everyone else’s life may leave you hitting the “don’t like button” on yours.


Many studies level of commitment to time spent on Facebook. In other words, frequent users are often more unhappy.


Researchers believe the picture-perfect life in many peoples’ posts can leave others feeling left out or dissatisfied with their own life.


Here’s what you can do to avoid the Facebook blues. Limit your time online. Instead, spend time with friends and family in person. While you’re counting the number of friends you have or likes you receive, don’t forget to count your blessings.


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