SACKed Dec. 5, 2013

Today’s shining act of Christmas kindness is to encourage a new mom.  Think outside the box on this one!  Of course, you can bring dinner to a friend who just had a baby, but you could also carry a nice note (with your SACKed card) and a small gift card in your purse – ready to hand it to a mom in the checkout lane or on the bus.  Have fun!

Can Exercise Beat the Common Cold?


Did you know the average adult gets two to five colds a year? That is a lot sneezes, coughs and sniffles. As you load up on over the counter medicines or herbs you may want to exercise another option: exercise.


The American College of Sports Medicine reports that people who exercise regularly have fewer colds then their inactive peers. Several other studies support this same idea.


In these studies those who have walked thirty to forty-five minutes five days a week for at least three months cut the amount of days the experienced colds in half compared to a sedentary group.


The common cold can be a nuisance or lead to bigger things like lost wages and sick days, but an exercise program could help keep your cold out in the cold.


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More Guns in PG-13 Movies?


Going to a movie rated PG-13?  Get ready to see lots and lots of GUNS!

According to Fox News, The University of Pennsylvania has released a study showing that in the past twenty-five years, gun-related imagery in PG-13 films more than tripled.

Daniel Romer of the University’s Annenberg Public Policy Center says that back in 1985, PG-13 movies featured on average less than one scene of gun violence per hour.

By 2012, that figure had jumped to nearly three gun scenes each hour.

Dr. Romer is very concerned about the increase in onscreen violence seen by many teens.  He points out that a PG-13 rating doesn’t tell parents very much about a film’s content.

He says, “The problem for parents is they can no longer rely on the PG-13 rating to tell them there isn’t a lot of violence in those films.”

Romer is also concerned about the influence such depictions of violence may have on impressionable or unstable adolescents:

He says, “It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out there are going to be disturbed kids who are going to see this kind of content.”

By the way, past studies indicate a link between witnessing gun violence onscreen and having more aggressive thoughts.

If you have kids or teenagers, let me recommend two great websites that will help you teach your kids discernment when it comes to media.

One is Focus on the Family’s, the other is the Parents Television Council website at


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