Good News Story: Teen Rewarded for Courage

After hearing the news of an elderly woman being mugged, a young boy steps out in faith to help this women. His actions didn’t go unnoticed. Hear how:

Good News Story: Teen Helps Victim

Exercise… Less?


If you’re trying to lose weight or be the fittest you can be, you may need to exercise… less?

More isn’t always better. You can actually feel worse, increase body fat, and lose strength by exercising too long everyday. A recent study shows people whose daily workouts were thirty minutes lost forty percent more weight than those who exercised for an hour.

“No pain, no gain” isn’t always the wisest approach with your body.

Now keep exercising and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. But take at least one day off a week, add some variety to your routine, and be wary of lengthy workouts. If anything, talk to your doctor or a certified physical trainer. You may actually reach your goals faster by doing less.

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Favorite Things


The Sound of Music has got to be one of your all-time favorite movies.

Hands down, the best movie ever. I just love it because I love that song “Your Favorite Things.” How when the dog bites and the bee stings and when you’re feeling sad, you just remember what those are and it makes you feel better, changes your perspective.

Well, there’s a lot of truth in that, a lot of psychology actually that backs that up and it all has to do with attitude, and that has an impact on our relationships.

It sure does with marriage. Because when you focus on something you don’t like about your spouse or marriage, you get filled with self-pity or resentment. When you remember what you love, it fills you with gratitude.

And that keeps your spouse as one of your favorite things.

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