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Lisa’s Home School: Potassium

Did you know there are other healthy and tasty foods you can get potassium from not named Bananas? Listen to Lisa’s Home School to find out what foods are filled with potassium.

Lisa’s Home School-Potassium

Good News Story: Generosity at the Ball Park

Competition for souvenir baseballs at major league games can be fierce. Not everyone wins. Unless somebody shares. Then, we all win. Hear more of the Shine Mornings Good News Story here.


Toddler Cold Medication

It hurts when your child is sick, and you’d do just about anything to help. Unfortunately, the desire to care for our kids can lead to dangerous decisions.

The first choice for many parents is a cough or cold medicine, despite warning labels that say they aren’t safe for kids. A number of medicines contain drugs that shouldn’t be given to children under four. But many of us aren’t reading the labels, or are simply ignoring them.

So, what can you give your little one? Saline drops help sniffy noses, and honey can quiet coughs. Try a humidifier too, and don’t forget the timeless advice of lots of fluids and plenty of rest.

Of course, you can always check with your pediatrician. Help your child get well–safely.

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Laughter: A Point of Connection

Our 12-year anniversary could have been a seen almost out of Dumb & Dumber.

It’s really embarrassing to talk about it, because we were all ready for dinner in this gorgeous hotel in Colorado. It was perfect, until you looked down and said, “I have a little wrinkle, just give it a little press.”

Yeah, and in this fancy hotel they had one of those steam irons and…

I just reached out and steamed it on your chest.

It scarred me for life.

I will never forget the moment! It was so crazy.

We will never forget that…a couple of idiots getting ready to celebrate their anniversary.

But the fun of that has been just laughing at over the years. It really did create a point of connection for us.

Well friend, when you don’t take yourself too seriously, you can iron out a lot wrinkle in your own relationship.

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My 6-Year-Old Son Doesn’t Want Me To Date—What Should I Do?

Dear Dr. Bill,

I am the father of a wonderful 6 year old boy.  My wife & I divorced before he was born, my wife has primary custody, and I have visitation rights.  My son doesn’t like to “share” me with anyone else which has created a problem for my own social life.

I had a girlfriend in the past that he really disliked, so I ended the relationship.  But now I’m getting serious about another woman that my son has never met.  Whenever I mention her, he doesn’t want to talk about it.  He says he doesn’t care if I have a girlfriend as long as she stays away from HIM!  What should I do?


Dear Jeff,

It’s only natural that your son doesn’t want you involved with another woman.  No one can replace his mother, and his 6-year-old mind, that’s what you’re attempting to do.

When I counsel single parents about dating, I strongly suggest that they DON’T involve their children in the dating process until the relationship is well-established and couple is seriously considering marriage.

I wouldn’t push your son to develop a relationship with your girlfriend until the two of you are sure you’re moving forward into a lasting commitment.

At that point, you’ll need to have a heart-to-heart talk with him.  Assure him of your own commitment to him, and tell him you realize that no one could ever replace his mom.  Explain that you don’t expect your girlfriend to be his mommy, but that because you love her very much, you want him to get to know her as well.

Take it slow, and introduce your son into your relationship gradually.  Don’t expect instant bonding, and don’t pressure your son and your girlfriend to become instant buddies.  You might start by including your girlfriend in some activities that your son enjoys, such playing at the park, bike-riding, or going to a ball game.

Thanks for writing, Jeff.  If you have a question for me about family issues or Christian living, click the “Questions” link on the Family Expert page.

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