Difference Makers: The Bible League

Bible League International supports the body of Christ wherever it is impoverished, persecuted or oppressed in more than 55 countries. With help from friends, Bible League International equips local Christians to plant Bibles, plant churches and share God’s love in the hardest, most hostile, most resource-poor places on earth. In the past 21 years, they have trained and equipped more than 2.5 million local Christians to lead millions to Christ, planted more than 58,000 churches, and discipled nearly 37 million people in or through Bible study.  They do this by providing Bibles and Scripture materials for churches and ministries to use in their evangelism and discipleship efforts, including an Easy-Read Bible that’s translated into many different languages.

Eat At The Table



Not sure why you may be packing on the pounds?  In Lisa’s Home School, learn how WHERE you eat may be the problem.  It’s not always possible to eat your meals and snacks at the dinner table, but when you eat on the run or while doing something else, you’re more likely to consume extra calories. Check it out!

Good News: Grandma Bests Masked Robber


A masked robber apparently thought the 96-year-old owner of a neighborhood grocery store in Wisconsin would be an easy target for his crime. But, he was so wrong.  Margaretta Wolf has owned the store bearing her family’s name for 54 years. And she wasn’t about to turn over her cash to the armed intruder after he ordered her to open the cash register.  HA!  Check out the reenactment photo here.

Unpacking The Emotional Freezer

Well, you came in the other night and said, “I am starving. I’ve gotta eat right away.”

And I said, “I didn’t want to take time to go to the grocery store.” You said, “Well, there’s nothing in the whole house.” I said, “There’s gotta be something.” Sure enough in the freezer, I found a chicken pot pie…homemade. Perfect, just what I was looking for!

Yeah, and I felt bad, because I had just shut you down. Being kind of negative, and I really had something that could have blessed you in that moment.

Well, and I think we do that kind of relationally as well.

We do. Sometimes we withhold just a tender touch, or the right word of encouragement. When we could offer that easily.

Well, friend, think about that. What do you have stashed away in your emotional freezer that might benefit your spouse? An encouraging word? A kind thought that you could pass along?

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Is Taking A Year Off Before College A Bad Idea For A High School Grad?

Dear Dr. Bill,

Our son just graduated from high school and he’s asked us how we feel about him taking off school for a year.  He is very responsible in a variety of ways — he works part time to pay for his cell phone, car insurance, gas, entertainment and his “garage band.”  He’s earned college credits for the last few years of high school and he had a full semester’s worth of credit when he graduated.  What do you think about him taking a year off?  We’re afraid he might lose momentum.


Dear Becky,

It sounds like you and your husband have done a great job raising your son.  In this day and age when so many kids are selfish, spoiled, and irresponsible, you should be proud to have a child who studies hard, succeeds academically, works part time and acts responsibly.

I wouldn’t be concerned about his desire to take a year off from school before he starts college.  From everything you’ve told me, he is one thoughtful, goal-oriented kid.  If he wants to take a year off to work, travel, or simply figure out what he wants to study, I don’t see a problem with that.

Besides, your son is ahead of the game, having earned a semester of college credit while still in high school.

After a one year break, chances are he’ll be even more motivated to start college, particularly when he realizes that without a college degree, there are many careers that won’t be open to him.

But given your son’s excellent track record to this point, I wouldn’t be concerned about the year off.  Some of the most successful people I know didn’t go immediately into college out of high school.

The most important thing is that you continue to offer your son your love and emotional support, as well as gentle guidance when he requests it.

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