Tenth Avenue North “Losing”

“Driving to work today I heard ‘Losing’ by Tenth Avenue North. I have been struggling lately with feelings of jealousy and disappointment at the seemingly fabulous relationship that my oldest daughter has with her stepmother. This song struck me today and helped me realize that by having these feelings, I’m actually the one who’s losing and being hurt. I realized that I should be happy that she (stepmom) is good to my girls and that she’s also just trying to fit in and not necessarily take over my position as the mom. I gave my insecurities to God, thanking Him for always being there and helping me to always remember that no one can take my place or give the same things that I have to give.” – Karin

Britt Nicole “Gold”

“I will definitely be getting the song “Gold’ by Britt Nicole. I volunteered to coach my daughter’s cheer team. So out of my normal, but I’m doing it. I decided I wanted to do our halftime show to this song. Thanks you so much. I love Shine. Your music and messages mean so much to me. I can be having the worst day and I turn on your station and I’m instantly better. I have been through a lot, but one thing for sure is I have a God who loves me and will never leave me-even after everything I have done. His grace is more than enough! Thank you all again.” – Anna

Big Daddy Weave “I Am Redeemed”

God has held me together and loved me unconditionally and reminded me time and time again, I am not who I used to be ‘I am Redeemed’! This happened rather recently and blessed me in such wonderful ways! Right after spending the morning in prayer and listening for God’s answer through reading His Word, I immediately turned on Shine.fm and I can’t even begin to tell you how all the music and talk has inspired me. I have felt the Holy Spirit move on my heart while listening to your station more and more and so the following was just one of many days that a song such as ‘I am Redeemed’ played on your station and I was incredibly blessed by it. I submit the following:

No matter how hopeless things may seem to you or I, I choose to believe and receive many blessings as I am willing to try. As I focus on God’s awesome love for me and for us all I can know He’s right here to catch me no matter how great my fall. It’s God’s love and His amazing grace shown by His selfless sacrifice. I am redeemed, loved beyond measure, because my Jesus paid the ultimate price

As a little child learning to walk, step by step, I never could have imagined the blessings I’ve received nor those I have waiting for me yet. My morning prayers include that for all who look at me, at my heart and at my life, it’s God’s love and light they see. So, thank you, Jesus for taking me from lost to born again.

I am forever grateful knowing ours is a love story that will never ever end.”

– Debbie

Love & The Outcome: He Is With Us

For Chris Rademaker and Jodi King, Love & The Outcome is both a name and a literal life story. The duo sold their Winnipeg condo en route to a high-stakes musical road trip that has seen them criss-cross Canada, Liberia, the Philippines and China, winning over fans both emotionally and spiritually with their blend of effervescent pop. Co-written by vocalist Jodi, and her husband, bass player Chris, “He Is With Us” is an unabashed sing-along anthem that stomps and chimes its way to the catchiest of choruses: “He is with us, he is with us/ Always, always.” It reminds listeners that no matter how dark it gets, how alone we feel, we should take refuge in the knowledge that He is with us. Hear it on Shine.fm and watch the video here.

Ministry of Presence

Leslie, we’ve surveyed more than 1,000 people to discover, “What is it that goes into a good friendship?”

That’s right. And we know what tops the list more often than anything else. That is, a good friend makes time for me.

Yeah. They carve time out of their busy life to spend with me. And that is a huge gift.

In fact, they even call it the ministry of presence. Just being present in my life is the biggest gift you could give me.

Think about that and your own friendships this week. In the midst of your busy life, who could you give your time to? Maybe it’s your spouse. Maybe it’s your children. Maybe it’s your friend. But know this; when you offer that to them, it’s one of the most treasured gifts they’ll receive all week.

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Does Your Child Get Enough SLEEP? If Not, Could It Negatively Affect Their BRAIN?

Do your kids get enough sleep?  According to research, late nights and inconsistent bedtimes may negatively affect a child’s brain.

The BBC is reporting on a new study of more than 11,000 kids in Great Britain.

Children who had no regular bedtime or who went to bed later than 9PM had lower scores for reading and math

It’s believed that lack of sleep may disrupt natural body rhythms and impair how well the brain learns new information.

The researchers gathered sleep data children at the ages of three, five and then seven to find out how well they were doing with their learning and whether this might be related to their sleeping habits.

Erratic bedtimes were most common at the age of three, when around one in five of the children went to bed at varying times.

Overall, children who had never had regular bedtimes tended to fare worse than their peers in terms of test scores for reading, math and spatial awareness.

The impact appeared to be cumulative, and interestingly, it was more obvious in girls than in boys.

Lead researcher Amanda Sacker from University College in London, says it’s possible that inconsistent bedtimes were a reflection of chaotic family settings and it was that–rather than disrupted sleep–that had an impact on learning.

However, after controlling for family environment, the link between poorer mental performance and lax bedtimes remained.

Prof Sacker says: “The take-home message is really that routines really do seem to be important for children.  Establishing a good bedtime routine early in childhood is probably best, but it’s never too late.”

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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