What was your first summer job?

Hey it’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons…and many teens in Chicagoland are experiencing their first summer job right now. Mine was picking rock for area farmers for 10-12 hours a day. What was your first summer job?

Skillet To Perform Title Song Of “Rise” On Conan O’Brien Thursday

By Nicole Lafond

Following the recent release of Skillet’s new album, the band has announced plans to play their title track “Rise” on The Conan O’Brien Show Thursday night.

“Rise” was released on June 25 of this year through the band’s record label, Atlantic Records, The Examiner reported.

The album took three years to write and began with 72 demos written by lead singer John Cooper and Scott Stevens, according to Cooper. Cooper called the album “inspiring and hopeful” despite the aggressive and dark overtones.

“It is encouraging to all of us that even though we are living in a dark world with bombings, school shootings, floods and hurricanes, there is hope and we want our lives to matter,” Cooper told the Digital Journal. “I hope people listen to the album and relate to it.”

The band’s appearance on Conan O’Brien will serve to promote the band’s new album as well as their upcoming international tour set to launch in South America in August.

Lead guitarist, Seth Morrison, told the Portsmouth Daily Times he was “nervous” for the bands appearance on the show.

“He was always the late night guy I watched when growing up,” Morrison said. “It’ll be fun.”

The show will be on TBS at 11 p.m. EST on Thursday, July 11. Artist John Malkovich will be featured on the show as well.

Must-Have Vacation Apps


If you’re planning on leaving for vacation soon, make sure you check out Lisa’s Home School!  Today, I’ve got a list of must-have FREE apps that will help you with packing, road-tripping, flying, and more.




Good News: AZ Firefighter’s Be Good Bracelet


This morning there will be a memorial service for the fallen Arizona firefighters.  During the planning meeting for that service, officers returned personal effects to family members of the 19 firefighters. Juliann’s husband Andrew died in that fire.  Most of his personal effects came back charred and melted — his pocket knife, his compass.  They did find one thing, though, miraculously in-tact: his “Be Good bracelet.”  Read more about this amazing hero here.



Marshmallow Clouds

Marshmallow Clouds—that’s the title of one of the children’s books you wrote and you read that at a school this week.

I had the fun of sharing my children’s stories with our son, John, and his classmates. The funny thing is, when I got to the third graders; after the question and answer time, they really wanted to know what I teach. Not just about my story. So I told them at college I talk about love and relationships. And you should have seen the room. It was pandemonium. It was them going, “Oh! Yuck! That’s gross. Who would want to study love and marriage!?”

Sometimes adults could be like that. Even in marriage, I hear guys going “Eh! This is a waste. I don’t want to waste my time!” Low and behold, at the end of the day, I’m actually glad I did this.

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“Digital Dementia” In Kids & Americans Want More “Face To Face” Interaction

Some South Korean doctors are worried that children in their country are suffering from a new form of brain syndrome brought about by overuse of digital media.

The physicians call the condition “digital dementia,” and they say constant tech use may be causing an imbalance between the right and left sides of the brain.

The brain’s left side controls reasoning and language functions, and it given a heavy workout by digital devices.

But the more creative right side of the brain doesn’t get nearly as much attention when using digital media, and the doctors say it leaves it “untapped or underdeveloped,”

By the way, South Korea has the highest smartphone ownership in the world, with more than two-thirds of its citizens owning one.

Here at home, many of us say they although we like using social media, what we REALLY want is to spend more time with our loved ones.

More than 90-percent of those responding to a new Chinet poll say social media has helped them catch up with people they haven’t seen in a while, and they appreciate that technology gives them a way to stay in touch with others on a regular basis.

But the majority of Americans are also finding that technology-generated interactions are less fulfilling.  More than 80-percent say they miss spending meaningful time and sharing special moments with the people they care about.

Three out of four people in the poll said social media encounters lack the emotional depth of actual gatherings, and they miss feeling like they are “truly part of a group.”

Since God has designed us for close, meaningful relationships, this doesn’t surprise me.  1 Peter 1:22 tells us to “love one another deeply, from the heart.”

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