Shine.FM Top 20 – July 2013

  1. Matthew West – Hello, My Name Is
  2. tobyMac – Steal My Show
  3. MercyMe – You Are I Am
  4. Tenth Avenue North – Worn
  5. Chris Tomlin – Whom Shall I Fear
  6. Hawk Nelson – Words
  7. Rend Collective Experiment – Build Your Kingdom Here
  8. Sidewalk Prophets – Help Me Find It
  9. Jeremy Camp – My God
  10. Third Day – Your Love Is Like A River
  11. Sanctus Real – Pray
  12. Building 429 – We Won’t Be Shaken
  13. Chris August – Restore
  14. Shawn McDonald – What Are You Waiting For
  15. Kristian Stanfill – The Lord Our God
  16. For King & Country – Middle Of My Heart
  17. Tim Timmons – Starts With Me
  18. Hurricane – Natalie Grant
  19. Citizen Way – Nothing Ever
  20. Aaron Shust – God of Brilliant Lights

Good News: Legally Blind Girl Saves Friends


Three children in Vermont had a frightening encounter with an aggressive raccoon while on a play date in the woods near their homes this past weekend.  Piper, who is legally blind, saved her friends from the raccoon attack!  Piper’s dad says she shows bravery in a lot of other situations too.  Watch her story here.

7 Things In Your Kitchen To Toss Now


It’s easy to tell when some things have been around for too long. But figuring out the freshness of other items in your kitchen is not always so obvious. In Lisa’s Home School, learn about seven things you may need to toss out right now.  Yuck!

My Favorite Things

The Sound of Music has got to be one of your all time favorite movies.

Hands down the best movie ever! I just love it, because I love that song, Your Favorite Things and how “when the dog bites or the bee stings and you’re feeling sad” who just remember what those are and it makes you feel better. It changes your perspective.

Well, there’s a lot of truth in that. There’s a lot of psychology that backs that up. It all has to do with attitude and that has an impact on our relationship.

It sure does in marriage. When you focus on something you don’t like about your spouse or your marriage, you get filled with self pity or resentment. But when you remember what you love, it fills you with gratitude.

That keeps your spouse as one of your favorite things.

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“Help—My One-Year-Old Daughter Won’t Stop BITING!”

Dear Dr. Bill,

How can I get my 1-year-old daughter to stop biting her twin sister?


Dear Kate,

When babies bite, it’s usually not out of anger, but out of curiosity.  As parents, if we overreact, we can actually reinforce the biting behavior.

In other words, if we raise a huge fuss about the biting, the baby likes the attention he receives and will be more likely to repeat the behavior.  There’s also a chance that your baby is biting because she is teething, and she finds it soothing to take a chomp out of her sister.

The best way to deal with any negative behavior, including biting, is to calmly and firmly tell your daughter “no!” and then remove her from the situation.  You might also gently place a teething toy in her mouth, so she learns that she it’s okay to chew on that but not on her sister.  Be consistent, and do this every time she bites.  You should see the behavior decrease within a few days.

If she persists, use a short-time out as a consequence.   If you have a Pak-N-Play portable playpen, immediately place your daughter there every time she bites her sister.  Continue to calmly and firmly tell her “no,” and leave her in the playpen for about one minute.

She won’t like this one bit, so get ready for loud screams of protest.  Don’t lecture her or scold her, just ignore her.  Hang in there, and require her to stay in the playpen until she’s “served her sentence.”

If you’re consistent with your follow through and don’t give in to the whining, screaming or temper tantrums, you should find that the biting behavior decreases fairly rapidly. If it doesn’t, it’s possible that she may have a more serious developmental problem, and you should consult your pediatrician.

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