What’s on YOUR coffee?

What’s on YOUR coffee?

~ Garrett

Walking-It-Out If You Are Re-Married

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and it’s another “Walk-it-out-Wednesday.”  If you’ve listened to me on the New Shine.FM you’ve probably heard me mention that I’m a guy who is a statistic. Yeah, I’m one of the 40-plus percent of Christians who are divorced. I’m not proud of it and for a long time I didn’t think God would ever use me again.  WRONG-O!!  I do know that when I prayed about getting re-married, I asked God to help me not make some of the same mistakes I did the first time.  What about you?  If you are re-married, how are you “walking-it-out-differently” this time?  And if you are not remarried, but still in your first marriage…Keep God first—and we’re praying for you here at the New Shine.FM!

Carman Announces Cancer

Popular Christian music artist Carman (Licciardello) announced that he has been diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.  The artist most known for “The Champion,” “We Are Not Ashamed,” and “Serve the Lord” has been given 3-4 years to live.  Carman is asking for prayers for his new battle.  He writes, “I have a call of God to touch lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ and that’s  what I will do until the Lord calls me home.”  Read his post here, and please, join us in praying for Carman!

Cheap Is Good, Free Is Better

Kiplinger’s annual list of freebies has arrived!  You’re going to want to pin this, since these deals are spread throughout the year.  Of course some deals last year-round, like free tuition, digital storage, and computer security.  Check out Lisa’s Home School for the full list.

Good News: In It Together

When Kansas teen Riley Nicolay found out his girlfriend of nearly three years, Deidre Sechi, was diagnosed with cancer in January, he vowed that he would fight the disease along with her.  So, when Deidre’s hair began to fall out, the high school sweethearts decided to shave their heads together.  They had fun with it too, including a Mohawk for him and a mullet for her.  The couple documented their various stages of baldness through photos.  Riley posted the finished product on Reddit, where they’ve received hundreds of comments and well-wishes for Deidre’s fight against cancer.  See the photo here.

Are You A “Helicopter Parent?”

Are you a “helicopter parent?”  If so, you may be setting your kids up for failure and frustration later in life.

United Press International is reporting on a new study showing that U.S. college students with so-called helicopter parents are more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with their lives

Holly Schiffrin and her colleagues at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia did the research.  They found that the over-controlling parenting style of helicopter parents negatively affects students’ well-being.

Dr. Schiffrin said the study involved 297 U.S. undergraduate students, between the ages of 18-23.  The students answered an online survey that asked to describe their mothers’ parenting behaviors. They were also asked to rate their own perceptions of their autonomy, competence and relatedness—in other words, how well they get along with others.

The researchers also assessed the students’ overall satisfaction with life, their level of anxiety and whether they suffered symptoms of depression.

The study was published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies.  It found that overall, young adults who have over-controlling parents appear to be more depressed and report less satisfaction in life.

In addition, helicopter parenting behaviors were associated with lower levels of self-reliance, competence and the ability to relate to others in relationships.

Dr. Shiffrin says “You expect parents with younger kids to be very involved but the problem is that these children are old enough to look after themselves and their parents are not backing off.   It does not allow independence and the chance to learn from mistakes.”

If you have teens or young adults children and you think YOU might be a helicopter parent, let me recommend an excellent book that I know you’ll find helpful.  It’s entitled “Boundaries with Teens,” by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM

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