Wow! Can Your Toddler Do This?

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This little guy knocks down some incredible shots.  I wonder if Nike has contacted him yet.

Do your kids have any special talents that could go viral?

Tips For Tricky Stains

Hey, it’s Bekah. Being newly married means taking on new challenges, like my husband’s work shirts that get greasy from tools and machine parts. It’s always nice to have a little refresher on some of life’s trickier stains. You can check out 10 ways to get rid of those stains here.

Could a little homework help save your marriage?

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Researchers in Chicago think so. They found that couples who spent just seven minutes every few months writing short essays about their recent fights reported being less unhappy a year later than similar couples who didn’t do the assignments.  The approach was simple – each couple was asked to reconsider a recent argument from the perspective of a neutral well-wisher.  The couple was asked a simple essay question.  The average time responding to the question was only 7 minutes.  Couples that answered these simple questions only three times a year reported being happier over time.  Check out the full article and the mini marriage essay questions here.

Lost And Found

Have you ever lost something really BIG only to find it again? OK…I know the Ravens were excited about winning the Big Game…but really? What have you lost and then found again (and were so thankful)?

~ Garrett

God Hears You!

Isn’t it great that God doesn’t have to use social media to get our attention?
~ Garrett

Intentionally Loving Your Spouse: How Are You Walking-It-Out?

Hey it’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and it’s a “Walk-It-Out Wednesday!” And since it’s the month of love, how are you doing with intentionally loving your spouse (even on those hard days)? Whether you’ve been married 10 days, 10 months, 10 years or longer, it’s a good thing to look at how you are “walking it out” with the spouse God gave you. So how about it?

Shine.FM Top 20 – February 2013

1. Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons

2. Audio Adrenaline – Kings & Queens

3. Kristian Stanfill – One Thing Remains

4. tobyMac – Me Without You

5. MercyMe – You Are I Am

6. Newsboys – Your Love Never Fails

7. Chris Tomlin – Whom Shall I Fear

8. Big Daddy Weave – Redeemed

9. Sanctus Real – Promises

10. Third Day – I Need A Miracle

11. Sidewalk Prophets – Help Me Find It

12. Kutless – Even If

13. Phillips, Craig & Dean – Great I Am

14. Colton Dixon – You Are

15. Jeremy Camp – Reckless

16. Unspoken – Who You Are

17. Meredith Andrews – Not For A Moment

18.  Plumb – Need You Now

19. Finding Favour – Slip On By

20. Hawk Nelson – Words

Good News: Sanctus Real Shares Bowen’s Heart

Matthew (of Sanctus Real) and Sarah Hammitt were so excited to add a son to their family of two daughters.  Sarah gave birth to Bowen Matthew Hammitt in September of 2010.  Bowen was born with a serious and rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), in which the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped.  A few days after his birth, Bowen underwent his frist open heart surgery.  This went well, but the next day he suffered cardiac arrest.  Matt and Sarah feared they would lose him.  After an hour of CPR, Bowen was revived and placed on life support.  The miraculous story of that evening can be found on the Hammitt’s blog, called  Now, although Bowen has some remaining health issues, he is an active toddler and a new big brother to Lewis, born last November.

Lunch That Keeps You Full (And Awake)

I don’t know about you, but by the time 2, 3, and 4:00 in the afternoon roll around, I’m hungry and sluggish!  In Lisa’s Home School, learn some simple lunchtime recipes that will keep you full and energized through the afternoon.

Good News: NFL Player Proposed To Fan

When I was a little girl, my celebrity crush was Dean Cain (specifically in his perfect portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent in The New Adventures of Lois and Clark).  If only YouTube was invented back then so my wish of meeting the “love of my life” could come true, like 6-year-old Breanna.  The object of her affections is Houston Texans linebacker J.J. Watts.  Click here for the full story of how J.J. “proposed” to his little fan.