Super Mom 2013

God’s Industrial-Sized Love

February is the month of Love and what a great time to remember the greatest love of all!

~ Garrett

What’s Your Home Remedy?

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and I was hoping that I would get through the winter without a cold, but it looks like my 4 1/2 month old Caleb and I are sharing the “sniffling love” this week. My wife and I love to try home remedies and some friends suggested cutting onions or garlic and places them around the house. We like onions…and we’re thinking about it. What’s your home remedy for helping a cold? I’d love to hear yours!

Good News: Message In A Bottle

A message in a bottle has been found in New Zealand.  And not just any message – it’s the oldest message in a bottle to date.  Plus, the note made mention of address, so the finder tracked the family down.  As it turns out, Peter, the grandson of the writer still lived in this location.  For him, the discovery of the bottle was very important as his grandfather died before Peter was born. Peter has decided to donate the bottle to a maritime museum in New Zealand.  Read the cool story here.

Weight Loss Myths: Debunked!

Everyone’s got an opinion when it comes to weight loss.  From yo-yo dieting, to cabbage for every meal — sometimes it is whatever works best for you!  However, there are some myths floating around that Lisa’s Home School lesson addresses.

Advice For On-line Dating

Dear Dr. Bill,

I’m in my mid-20s and have developed a friendship with woman I met online.  She lives in another state and we’ve talked quite a bit on the phone since then.  We’ve both expressed an interest in exploring this relationship further, but we’ve never met in person.  Do you have any advice on how we should proceed?


Dear Chad,

Meeting someone online can turn out to be a wonderful experience.  I have several friends who met their spouse through an online dating service.  At the same time, there are pitfalls to online dating that you need to be aware of.

First of all, people have a tendency to put there “best foot forward” on the internet.  They can carefully manage their image, telling you only positive about themselves.  Some will even post photos of themselves that have been retouched or don’t reflect what they truly look like in person.

If you decide to meet this woman in person, here’s what I would suggest.  Schedule your initial meeting at a neutral location in one of your respective towns, such as a casual restaurant or coffee shop.  Agree ahead of time to limit the amount of time you spend together at that first meeting—perhaps two hours.

Make sure there are no expectations—and agree to follow up via phone the next day.  That will give each of you the option to gracefully “bow out” if the initial meeting doesn’t go as expected.

If that first date goes well, continue to develop your friendship on the phone and schedule a second trip.  During this second visit, let the woman know that you’d like to meet a few of her close friends and perhaps even attend church with her.  That will give you a much clearer picture of who this woman really is.

Finally, make this relationship a matter of regular prayer.  Ask God for wisdom to discern if this woman has the character qualities and moral values that would make her a good match.

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