Third Day “Miracle” Weekend Spotlight

Join the New Shine.FM this weekend for our Artist Spotlight as we highlight Third Day. We will hear stories and music from Third Day and give you a chance to win the latest CD “Miracle”. To get qualified text WINMUSIC to 66937 or “like” and “share” the cover photo on the Shine.FM Facebook page.

Music News: tobyMac, Sanctus Real & A Night of Hope & Healing

Click here to hear the latest Music News from tobyMac, Sanctus Real and a special night of hope & healing from Newtown, CT.

The GOD of Every Moment

He’s the God of EVERY moment of your life! ~ Garrett

Random Blessing Weekend

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and Friday February 1st is our next Drive-Thru Difference here at the New Shine.FM.  But you don’t have to wait until then to randomly bless someone….you can start this weekend.  Maybe you have a story of how you blessed someone, or maybe how someone blessed you?  Would you share it with me this afternoon? Thanks!

De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Don’t save all of your spring cleaning till spring!  Start today by decluttering your kitchen.  Have a bread maker you never use?  Do you have too many cheese slicers to count?  If so, donate them to an organization or thrift store and free up some space your kitchen.  In today’s Home School lesson you’ll get help deciding what to keep and what to part ways with.  Happy sifting!

Good News Story: Hope Rises From The Ashes

Ben and Norma are an elderly couple that spent last Thanksgiving in New York City.  They took in something like 6 plays, 3 jazz clubs, and a comedy club.  On their last day, they went back to their hotel, only to learn that their house had caught fire and they lost almost everything.  Read the story of how a community rallied around this couple to give hope, healing, and a fresh start.

Mini-Resolution No 18: Share Your Story

Today’s mini-challenge is to share your story with someone.  Now, this could mean sharing your entire testimony or just what you’re going through right now.  I’ll go first.

I’m working through a book that challenges me to make a list of 1,000 gifts that God has given me.  Not the obvious gifts, like family and friends, but the moments of blessing.  This has really helped me change my perspective because I’m always looking for the next gift to write down.  This morning, I opened a new jar of peanut butter and it struck me: this moment is a gift from God!  Call me crazy, but I LOVE being the first one to take a scoop out of the peanut butter jar.  I have always loved it, but it wasn’t until this morning that I saw it as a small moment of blessing from God.

It’s your turn!  Share your story by commenting below — or tell a friend today!

Meredith Andrews Live Event 01/24/13 7pm CT

Join the New Shine.FM, Worship Leader Magazine and Word Worship recording artist Meredith Andrews, along with her husband and band-member Jacob Sooter on Thursday, January 24 at 7 pm CT for a live streaming event. Meredith will be sharing live, acoustic versions of select songs from her new album, Worth It All, which releases two days prior, January 22.

Meredith will also share stories behind those songs and from her own experiences as a worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, where she and Jacob currently serve.

The live stream event will last approximately one hour with the last 15 minutes devoted to viewers’ Q&A.

Watch the stream at www.worshipleader.comThursday, January 24 at 7 pm Central Time.

Do You Trust God When Times Get Tough?

Do you trust God when times get tough?  A new survey has found that Christians who are growing in their spiritual maturity are more likely to trust God—even in difficult circumstances.

According to Baptist Press, “Exercising Faith” is one of eight attributes of discipleship that consistently show up in the lives of maturing Christians. The attributes are part of the Transformational Discipleship study conducted by LifeWay Research.

Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay, says “It is easy to say God has a purpose for everything in life, but it requires faith to enjoy seeing His plan unfold in difficult times.”

The survey shows the longer someone has trusted Christ as their Savior, the better their responses are for exercising faith. Being involved in a Bible study group, praying for Christians and non-Christians, and witnessing to nonbelievers also make a positive impact.

The survey also revealed those stronger in their faith are less prone to doubt God’s involvement, even in unexplainable circumstances. Just 9 percent agreed with the statement: “When things happen in my life I can’t explain, I typically doubt God is involved.” Eighty percent disagreed with that statement.

Ed Stetzer from Lifeway “Exercising Christian faith is more than believing God exists; it is believing in God’s promised presence, provision, and compassion for us.”

“It is exhibited in a life that depends on Jesus Christ for salvation and is filled with the expectation of His daily activity.”

You can learn more about the transformational discipleship research at LifeWay Research.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

Click here for the audio version of this article.