Drinking Milk as a Kid May Pay Off Big Time Later in Life

Drinking milk as a kid can have life-long health benefits. In fact, according to new research, it can improve physical ability and balance in older age.

Medical News Today reports on a new study that found an increase of about one glass of milk a day as a child was linked to a 5% faster walking time and 25% lesser chance of poor balance in older age.

The researchers say this could have major health ramifications, as the number of adults over 65 is expected to reach more than 70 million by the year 2030, doubling over just 30 years.

A team of British scientists used historical diet records from two large studies to look at the childhood habits of more than 1,500 men ages 62-86.

They measured the impact of diet, specifically milk, protein, calcium and fat intake, performance and mobility later in life.

They researchers found that childhood calcium, protein and milk intake were all associated with advantages in mobility later in life.

Interestingly, childhood milk drinkers were also likely to be adult milk drinkers, demonstrating the importance of establishing lifelong healthy habits.

As you may have heard me mention last week, in addition to drinking milk, nutrition experts continue to stress the importance of starting the day with breakfast.

Other studies show that milk drinkers and breakfast eaters have more nutritious diets than non-milk drinkers and breakfast skippers.

Currently dietary guidelines recommend two glasses of milk a day for toddlers , 2.5 cups for children ages 4-8, and 3 cups a day for teens and adults.

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7 Habits of Happy, Healthy Women

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A Mom Writes: “Help–Our Son is Addicted to Computer Games!”

Dear Dr. Bill,

Our 14-year-old son is very bright and enjoys strategic and technical games on the computer. We’ve tried to be careful about limiting his time, but lately his resentment over this limitation has escalated dramatically — especially when we’re getting ready for vacation or have work to do around the house.

My husband and I are wondering — is he addicted? We don’t understand why the computer can’t simply be a fun activity like watching a movie or playing games, rather than something to fight about! What should we do?


Dear Cheryl,

Millions of parents in the U.S. are beginning to realize that their child may be addicted to computer or video games–something they thought was simply harmless fun.

These parents have confronted the painful reality that their son or daughter is spending countless hours each week glued to a video game console or a gaming website.

They’ve noticed disturbing changes in their child’s personality—they seem obsessed with “reaching the next level” and their friendships are limited to the “virtual” world of their online gaming community. Also, many parents are unaware that there is a disturbing link between violent video games and aggressive behavior.

Here are a few suggestions for dealing with video game addiction from authors Olivia Bruner and Vicki Caruana:

  • Set firm time limits on online gaming
  • Make sure all chores and homework are completed before play
  • Model good viewing and gaming habits yourself (that includes TV viewing)
  • Monitor your son’s attitudes and behaviors surrounding gaming

In a worse-case scenario, you may actually need to get rid of the gaming equipment or block your son’s internet access using parental controls.

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Jeremy Camp “Christmas: God With Us”

Join the New Shine.FM this weekend for our Artist Spotlight as we highlight the new Christmas CD from Jeremy Camp “Christmas: God With Us”. We will hear Christmas memories from Jeremy and give you a chance to win the new CD. To get qualified text WINMUSIC to 66937 or “like” and “share” the cover photo on the Shine.FM Facebook page. Merry Christmas from the New Shine.FM.

Thousands of Kids Memorize Hundreds of Bible Verses!

Two weeks ago, hundreds of young Bible scholars gathered in Tennessee to compete in the 2012 National Bible Bee, an annual event where $260,000 in prize money was up for grabs.

According to the Christian Post, the fourth annual Bible Bee was held in Sevierville, Tenn., where 300 qualifiers from across the U.S. competed in events designed to test their knowledge of Scripture.

This year the Bible Bee focused on 1st and 2nd Timothy – letters written by the Apostle Paul to Timothy, a young pastor in Ephesus.

At the local level, contestants had thoroughly studied 2 Timothy and memorized at least 25 Bible Memory passages.

Kids in each age division were also responsible for having thoroughly studied 1 Timothy and having memorized several hundred additional verses from throughout both the Old and New Testaments.

John Smythe, a volunteer at this year’s event, says the Bible Bee is about studying God’s Word, not just memorizing passages. He says “the intent is to have the parents right there studying with [their children].”

The nonprofit organization behind the Bee is The Shelby Kennedy Foundation. It is named after a young woman who died of cancer in 2005 at the age of 23.

Before her death, even in her weakness, Kennedy dedicated her time to studying the Scriptures and proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ to others.

The nonprofit was formed in honor of Kennedy with the goal of encouraging children to grow in their faith through Bible memorization. 7,000 young people participated this year.

To learn more about the Bible Bee, and how your kids can participate next year, just go to BibleBee.org.

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Indianapolis Groups Join Forces to Fight Hunger

The city of Indianapolis is striving to fight hunger in the city. Mayor Greg Ballard recently kicked off Indy’s annual Pack the Pantries food drive, which runs through Dec. 10th.

Indy Star reporter Jon Murray has a story about the anti-hunger initiative that was started by the mayor’s office a few years ago.

Murray reports that it has resulted in closer collaboration among the roughly 300 organizations working to reduce hunger in the city. Most are small food pantries run by churches, other houses of worship and nonprofits.

According to stats from the US Department of Agriculture, the recession has increased “food insecurity” in Indiana, and the number of residents who sometimes go hungry has increased by 7 percent.

Earlier this year, the city and the participating groups — including Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Second Helpings and Midwest Food Bank – helped form the Indy Hunger Network.

Its goal is to expand programs and food stamp benefits so that by 2015, nobody in the city has to miss a meal.
David Miner, the network’s volunteer chairman, says Gleaners and Second Helpings both are working to double their capacity.

Miner is a retired Eli Lilly & Co. scientist, and he says this this year, the Indy Hunger Network is on track for 3 million additional meals for all ages.

Through the network, efficiency experts provided by Lilly have scrutinized several local organizations’ operations and suggested improvements to make them more effective.

If you’d like to learn more about their efforts—and perhaps even help out, you can visit their website at IndyHunger.org.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Eight Ways to Ease into a Natural Home

Eight Ways To Ease Into a Natural Home

What’s On Your Fridge

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons.

Did you know that if you have a refrigerator that is full of pictures and other things from your family “doing life,” it’s a sign you have a more relaxed household. On the other hand, if your fridge is empty or not very cluttered from your family, your home is more ordered or structured. Here’s our fridge……..guess we’re kinda relaxed!! (with seven kids….did you expect anything less……lol)!

What’s on your fridge?

A Mom Facing Divorce Struggles with Some Tough Choices

Dear Dr. Bill,

In the middle of marital struggles with my husband, we became pregnant. Despite this, my husband announced that he wants a divorce. Since I am originally from Europe, I’m considering a move back home rather than staying in this country where I have friends but no family. But I wonder if this is the best decision for my child.


Dear Heide,

My heart goes out to you in this very difficult situation. But I would encourage you not to give up hope. Because you are under such a great deal of stress, now is not the time to making major decisions. Give yourself some time and space to think through all of the alternatives available to you.

The research on divorce shows that if couples will slow down the process and seek outside professional help, many marriages can be saved. Although it may feel to you or your husband that divorce is the only option, in reality it’s not.

The fact is that children do better on every measure of well-being if they grow up in a home with a married mother and father. Even if a marriage is less than perfect, staying together is always better for your kids than getting a divorce.

If your husband has no desire to reconcile but is willing to take an active role in your child’s life, I would encourage not to you not to move back to Europe. Fatherlessness has profoundly negative impacts on children, and your son needs his dad.

On the other hand, your husband refuses to take responsibility for parenting his son, moving back to Europe to live with your extended family may be the best option. A loving grandfather or uncle can’t replace your son’s father, but they can certainly give him the male attention and affirmation he so desperately needs.

Thanks for writing Heide. If you have a question for me about family issues or Christian living, click the “Questions” link on the Family Expert page.

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